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Ethereum Trading Australia

Ethereum trading is one of the classic altcoins available in the crypto market. The sophisticated technology evolved independently of Bitcoin and should be considered a serious trading opportunity to add to your crypto portfolio.

Ethereum Trading Australia, trading vs buying?

Ethereum Trading gives you the advantage of trading on the price going down as well as up, which is something you can’t do on an exchange where you can just buy and profit form the price rising. Fine if you want to just own the altcoin, but you won’t make any profit if the price goes down, which it has a lot since it launched.

The up and down of the price can be traded on, which is where you can take advantage if you predict the direction.

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Best Ethereum trading platforms Australia in 2018

WebsiteBroker RatingCryptocurrencies AvailableTrading MethodFeesLocation/ LicenceVisit

5 Star RatingBitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin & DashCFD and FX (capital at risk)Free to join, competitive spreads

Australia / ASIC

4 Star RatingBitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin & RippleCFD & FX (capital at risk)Free to join, fixed spreads
  1. Australia / ASIC


Ethereum trading background

Ethereum is one of a group of better known Cryptocurrencies which has driven interest around the world in trading digital currencies.

Powered by Blockchain technology, Ethereum has a number of similarities, as well as some fundamental differences to Bitcoin.

Ethereum is essentially an open software platform engineered on Blockchain technology which aims to give developers the ability to build apps and programmes driven by smart contracts.

The team behind Ethereum created the project as a new model for data storage and app development that seeks to lessen global dependency on major technology companies and corporations, thereby democratising the way the world interacts online.

The digital currency was launched in August 2014 with an online crowd sale helping fund development  and a total of 11.9 million coins pre-mined for launch. By June 2018 the total number of Ether that had been mined with over 100 million


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Your Capital is at risk. CFD Trading is a leveraged product which means that you can lose more than you initially invest. It may not be appropriate or suitable for all investors. Ensure that you understand the risks involved in Cryptocurrency trading and seek independent financial advice if required.